Gift certificates 20 percent off.

~~For the months of April and May 2012 gift certificates are 20 percent off towards any package. Get one for yourself or a loved one. Email me or call me to send it to you ~~

Beautiful belly~

This beautiful soon to be mom is 7 months pregnant ~ I love to meet new clients from the Bay Area. I asked her to bring baby’s clothes to use as props and the tiny clothes is so adorable and I kept on saying awww!. We had a really good time .I think I will be the one doing the baby’s pictures in a couple of months ;).

I am 5!

It was Jared’s birthday just recently and we had such a nice day. I went to get him a “train cake” but the cake decorator was not working that day,  so the girl who was working at the bakery store that day did it for free. Jared loved it anyways. He also loved the toy trains and his nice meal.