Santa Cruz ca.

A few months ago, my friend took me to Santa Cruz for my birthday and we had a blast. Jared got new trains too and he played with it at the beach and every where we went. The first night after when we got there we went to a train trip that Jared loved because he loves trains. The next day we went to the main board walk and to a fish restaurant. When finished eating fish we went out and I did what I love the most: feed the birds.

Bodega Bay Ca: Head Beach

Es muy hermoso Bodega Bay pero en el Invierno tengo un poco de miedo de visitarlo porque hace muchisimo frio y los vientos son muy fuertes. Pero este Invierno es muy diferente- hace muchisimo calor, como 70 grados. Mi amigo me llevo a una playa nueva que no conocia, se llama playa Cabeza. Extra├▒o nombre pero muy bonita. La playa tiene una vereda pequena donde caminamos hacia arriba de la montana. Desde ahi vi los coches, muchos pajaros y por supuesto esta hermosa playa. Despues de estar en esta playa fuimos a mi playa favorita a unos metros de esta playa.

Bodega Bay is gorgeous during the Summer but the Winter can be cruel with very cold winds. But this Winter is different. It was about 70 degrees a few weeks ago when my friend invited me to this beach “Head Beach”. We went for a walk up a hill where we could see a beautiful view. After our little walk I took my friend to my favorite beach, a beach where we don’t have to walk up or down a hill. We can park close and walk a few minutes.